How to Delete Facebook Watch History

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How Facebook watch works?

Many of you watch Facebook watch, It is video on demand service provided by Meta group. Recently Facebook name got changed to Meta.

Facebook watch is a video on-demand service, which includes short videos, long videos, news, some vulgar stuff added by creators and graphic videos. Facebook watch recommendation algorithm works on most reacted content in terms of likes, shares or comments, however, meta group just updated its algorithm. But still somehow it works in that way.

This is why sometimes while seeing Facebook watch you might get an offensive content recommendations, and if you react with any of them and then consistently you get the same stuff recommendation in the watch.

So, to overcome this issue you can delete your Facebook watch history and clear cache.

How to delete watch history from Facebook (By App)?

To delete your Facebook watch history follow the following steps-

Step 1) As usual open facebook.

Step 2) Click on hamburger menu at top right corner of settings.

Step 3) Scroll down and click on settings and privacy

Step 4) from drop down list select settings.

Step 4) scroll down, in your information, go to activity log.

Step 5) scroll down and go to logged actions and other activities.

Step 6) now from drop-down select videos you’ve watched

Step 7) Now the list gets appeared of your facebook watch history

Step 8) now just click on three dots beside video history, which you want to delete

And click on delete.

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How to delete Facebook watch history
How to delete Facebook watch history
How to delete Facebook watch history

How to Delete facebook watch history (By Web on PC/ Android)

step 1) login to your Facebook by web.

step 2) click on drop-down menu to right most corner .

step 3) click on settings sand privacy from list.

step 4) go to activity log from the list.

step 5) click on logged and other actions .

step 6) select videos you have watched from the list

step 7) this action will take you to your Facebook watch history

now you can delete your facebook watch history .

Whoooooohooo…!¬†Now only you know about your history. It is deleted from Facebook. Now this mystery is just limited to you.

This is how very easily you can delete your Facebook watch history from Facebook by the app and from web.


This is how by following some steps you could easily delete your Facebook watch history.

For more facebook tips and tricks stay tuned with Tech News.

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