How to Add Link to Instagram Story Without 10k Followers

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Many of your search for adding link to your instagram story without 10k followers, because before Instagram would only allow adding link to story for users above 1k followers.

But for your suprise Instagram changed its policy and now everyone could add link to their story, without demand of 10k followers on their instagram story. Now no need of 10 k followers to add swipe up in Instagram story.

To know how to add link to your instagram story follow the following steps-:

How to add link in your instagram story-:

Step 1) Login to your instagram by mobile app

Step 2) Go to story section, or click on plus button in instagram profile

Step 3) now just upload picture,

Step 4) now go to stickers section and click on link button.

Step 5) Now put URL of website that you want to add in story

Step 6) Now do Done and the link gets added into your story.

Now everyone could easily access the link you provided in story and visit the website.

This is how very easily now each and everyone could add link to their instagram story.

How to Change Anchor text of added link in story-:

Step 1) After typing URL of your site, click on Sticker text below URL section.

Step 2) Now write whatever Anchor text you need for website.

And done, now the link gets added into your story with the anchor text what you want.

How to add website link in instagram bio-:

Step 1) As usual login to your instagram

Step 2) Go to my profile in your instagram

Step 3) now click on edit profile

Step 4) now you will see a website section, just insert your website link their.

This is how you can add website link in your Instagram Bio.


In this post i explained and guided you with 2 mostly asked query of Instagram.i.e How to add link in Instagram story , How to cgange anchoe text of added link and How to add website link in your Bio. I hope you got some value from this post.

For more such techy posts stay tuned with us.

Thanks for reading.

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