How to Increase Instagram Followers in 2023


More than 500 million users on Instagram use Instagram everyday.So Instagram followers plays an important role in your social media growth and give you fame.

so if you want to increase your instagram followers you should know some tips which can ultimately lead in your growth

Points to be covered-:

  • why it is necessary to grow your Instagram account?
  • what play an important role in your Instagram growth?
  • What measures you have to take to increase your followers ?

Why it is necessary to grow your Instagram account?

Over 500 million people in world use Instagram in daily basis.These users daily post something or react on any other post and do engagements. Nowadays Instagram also became the popular source of income.So if you have more followers -you ultimately get growth and fame-and so ultimately you can start earning.

This is why Instagram Growth is necessary.

How stories play an important role in your Instagram growth?

As we know 500 million people use Instagram on daily basis,they play vitial role in your Instagram growth.When your instagram story or post looks attractive these people share it with others and gets views for your story and ultimately leads in your growth.

This is why it is necessary to create attractive Instagram stories and posts

What measures you can take to increase your follower’s growth organically?

1)Make your post attractive

If your post is attractive then you do not have to do much,your post will automatically get users and bring organic traffic.

2)Use proper hashtags

use proper hashtags related your post, hashtags play very important role in your growth.They bring users to your account and make them engage with you.if you don’t know which hashtags to use in your post.

3)Tag people in your posts

you should tag people or pages in your post which post content on same niche.

4)Create attractive stories

By creating attractive stories people visit your page or account and become part of your page.This is why it is also necessary to create effective and attractive story.

These are some steps which can increase your Instagram your account growth.

Some Hacks For Instagram Story-:

1) you can use creative font in your story

How to create creative font for Instagram story-

  • Just visit any Instagram fonts generator website and write your caption and choose which ever font is best for your story.
  • for example ,your caption is Creative Instagram Font,you just need to type the caption and then copy whichever font you think is best and use it in your story.
How to use different fonts in Instagram

2) You can add multiple images to your Instagram story

Many of the Instagram users dont know this hack.

so lets get started

  • Step1– open any image that you want in story as back then click on the multiple photos icon in stickers 
how to put multiple photos in instsgram story

  • Step 2-select photos and they will be added to the story. you have to do this for every single image you have to add to the story
How to Increase instagram followers in 2021

  • Step 3-you are done to post a creative Instagram will look like
How to Increase instagram followers in 2021

3)You can convert any background into a single colour.

How to Increase instagram followers in 2021

  • Step 1-you have to just open any photo in the story.
  • Step 2-you have to go into the colors section.
  • Step 3-you have to select any color and long-press it.    

And you are done.

Conclusion -These are some steps to increase Instagram followers in 2023. Do follow them to increase your reach and get fame.

Now you are ready to get, Thousands of Instagram followers in 2023.

Thankyou for reading.

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