Why Can’t I Post Reels on Instagram Story

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If you’ve been wondering why you can’t post Reels on your Instagram Story, you’re not alone. This limitation might be confusing, especially when you want to share your creative Reels with your followers in a more personalized way. However, there’s a logical reason behind this restriction.

Why Can’t I Post Reels on Instagram Story

1. Different Formats

Instagram Stories and Reels are two distinct formats. Stories are short-lived, disappearing posts that last for 24 hours, while Reels are longer videos that are meant to be shared and discovered in the Explore section. The difference in their purpose and length results in varying functionalities.

2. User Experience

Instagram aims to provide users with the best possible experience on the platform. Combining Reels with Stories might lead to cluttered and confusing feeds, ultimately reducing the user experience.

3. Algorithm and Engagement

By keeping Reels separate from Stories, Instagram can fine-tune its algorithms to cater to users’ preferences more effectively. This leads to better engagement and a more enjoyable user experience overall.

Steps to Post Reels on Instagram Story:

While you can’t directly post Reels on your Instagram Story, there’s a workaround to share your Reels with your Story audience:

Step 1: Create Your Reel First, create your engaging and captivating Reel as you normally would. Make sure it’s something your followers would love to see and interact with.

Step 2: Save Your Reel After creating your Reel, save it to your camera roll. This step is crucial as you’ll need the saved video for the next steps.

Step 3: Create an Instagram Story Open your Instagram app and go to the Stories section by swiping right or tapping your profile picture. Choose a suitable background or image for your Story.

Step 4: Access Your Camera Roll Once you’re on the Story creation screen, access your camera roll by swiping up or tapping the gallery icon at the bottom-left corner.

Step 5: Select Your Reel Browse through your camera roll and select the Reel you want to share on your Story.

Step 6: Customize and Share Now that you have your Reel on your Story creation screen, you can customize it further by adding stickers, text, or other engaging elements. Once you’re satisfied with the result, hit the “Your Story” button to share your Reel with your Story audience.


While it may seem like an extra step, sharing your Reels on Instagram Stories is still an effective way to reach a broader audience. By following these simple steps, you can bridge the gap between your creative Reels and your Story audience, ensuring your content gets the attention it deserves.

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