Android Chrome- Tips and Tricks 2023

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Nowadays Google chrome became the most popular search engine for searching our queries over internet.

If we are finding any query all we say google it, it means google now google gained the priority for searching queries.

And day by day google is also trying to enhance their technology and trying to provide us good. It also introduces some features and make our task easier, but many of us don’t know what they features are and how they function.

So, in this blog post i will try to discuss about all new and interesting features introduced in Android Chrome Browser.

So lets get started with some important chrome hacks.

Android chrome tips and tricks [2021]

1) Enable Dark Mode

Dark mode is the one of the favorite feature which we all love especially the people who are fond of working in night.

Chrome also updated itself with dark mode

How to enable dark mode in Android chrome

Step1) open settings of chrome

Step2) open theme

Step3) select dark mode

And you are done, now dark mode is enabled in your browser.

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Enable Dark Mode in Chrome Browser

2) Take screenshot of any webpage

Tip- shortcut for taking screenshots

This feature is personally used many times by me and personality love it. This feature allows us to take screenshot of any webpage and instantly allows us to save it or share it.

How to take screenshot of any webpage

Step1) open the webpage of which screenshot you want

Step2) tap on share button in 3 dots menu

Step3) tap on screenshot

Step4) Adjust it properly

Step5) And either save it in device or share it.

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Steps to take screenshot of webpage in chrome

3) using lite mode for saving data

Tip- save data while surfing

When you enable lite mode in chrome, it will not load the original website, lead in saving of cellular data and consuming less data while surfing.

How to enable lite mode in chrome

Step1) click on 3 dots menu and open settings

Step2) In advanced settings you will find the option of lite mode

Step3) open it and just toggle it on.

Now chrome will consume less data, leading in saving of your data.

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Steps to use lite mode and reduce data consumption

4) Save websites in the form of PDF’s

Now with the help of chrome browser itself, we can save the webpage in the form of PDF in the device

Steps to save webpages in the form of PDF

Step1) visit any website that you want to save in the form of PDF

Step2) Tap on 3 dots and click on share

Step3) Now from below options select Print

Step4) when the preview is ready, tap on print button

Step5) Done, the website is now saved in the PDF form.

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Steps to save website in PDF format

5) Switching tabs quickly

Whenever we search over internet, we always make several tabs and work on over them which makes our work easier and efficient.

But always for changing tabs we have to click on tabs button and select the tab which we want, but chrome advanced it with new feature of, Switching tabs quickly by just swiping the page to side

How to Switch tabs quickly

Tip- use this tip to enhance your browsing experience 

just tap on search bar and swipe it in any side and the tabs get opened, which can even make us more comfortable.

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Steps to Switch tabs quickly

6) Preload pages to speed up and analysis

Tip- speed up your browsing

For speeding up searching google came up with new feature of preloading pages, this can even help us by showing whether the query searched by us is in that webpage or not.

Steps to speed up searching by preloading pages

Step1) The first thing you have to do is enabling preload webpages-

  • go to settings
  • Open privacy and security
  • Toggle on the Preload pages for faster browsing and searching

Step2) before opening any webpage just tap on it and from dialog box click on Preview page

Step3) And the page gets preloaded and previewed

image 16
Steps to Preload pages

7) Performing a quick search by selecting text

Tip- know difficult word meanings easily

Chrome introduced a new feature of searching highlighted text quickly 

Steps to perform quick search

Step1) just click on single word or select multiple words or phrases

Step2) the search results related to your query gets opened at bottom.

Step3) just swipe it up and look for better results.

image 17
Steps to Perform quick search by highlighting text

8) Change default search engine

Manny people are fond of searching on other search engines like yahoo, duck duck go, and many more; so now google itself bought new feature of changing search engine i.e itself in google now we can change our default search engine.

Steps to change default search engine

Step1) open settings of browser

Step2) In search engine, choose which search engine you want.

And Now you can use other search engine in chrome itself.

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Steps to change default search engine

9) Create a website shortcut on home screen

Sometimes we visit same website several times, so instead of searching again and again we can add the shortcut of the website on our home page like app.

Steps to create a website shortcut on home screen

Step1) visit any webs that you want to be added on home screen

Step2) now, just tap on three dots and click on add to home screen

Step3) now the website gets added to your home screen and you can directly now visit to that website

image 19
Steps to create website shortcut on home screen

10) Zoom-in on any website or webpage

Tip- Don’t give stress to eyes just zoom-in

For zooming in or out on any website or webpage, you need to turn on the setting of force enable zoom

This setting will allow you to zoom in on any webs in chrome browser.

Steps to turn on Zoom in setting

Step1) Open chrome Browser settings

Step2) Go to Accessibility

Step3) Turn on the setting of Force enable Zoom

image 10
Steps to enable zoom-in on any website

Now you can zoom in on any website

Here we reached at end of google chrome tips and tricks of 2021. I hope you loved the all tricks.


These were some interesting Android Chrome Browser Tips of 2021.

Thank you.

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