10+ Famous Logos & Their Meanings

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We all are fond of brand logos. We all sometimes think that what could be the meaning of these logos or what they stand for.

And this is so true, the big brands or businesses make their own identity like logo, this logo is not just an image, this gives the brand its prosperity and respect. And logos not just for sake of representation of company or brand but instead it stands for something or somewhat and has its own meaning.

Many of us don’t know what these logos stand for.

So let us get started with famous logos and their meanings hidden significant meanings.

Famous Logos and Their Meanings-:

1) Hyundai

Meaning of Hyundai logo-:

Famous logos and their meanings

Many of us think that the Hyundai logo is just the first letter of its name, but instead it this letter ‘H’ symbolizes the two people the client and the representative shaking hands.

Which shows company is making relationship with the buyer.

2) Audi

Meaning of Audi logo-:

Famous logos and their meanings

Many people think that the Audi logo is just related to the Olympics or are 4 wheels. But this is incorrect, the symbol of Audi represents the 4 companies of the Auto union that are Horch, DKE, Wanderer, and the Audi.

3) Sony VAIO

Meaning of Sony VAIO Logo-:

Famous logos and their meanings

The first two letters of VAIO stands for analog waves and the last two letters are 1 and 0 which symbolizes digital signals.

4) Amazon

meaning of Amazon logo-:

Famous logos and their meanings

Amazon logo was designed by keeping the company’s philosophy in mind that the company wants its customers to be satisfied so the arrow-like smile is introduced in its logo.

The arrow is also stretched between the letters A and Z which means the company sells all products you can imagine (A to Z).

5) Adidas

meaning of Adidas logo-:

The name Adidas has evolved from its founder ‘Adolf Dassler’ 

Meanwhile Adidas has changed its logos several times but always introduced 3 stripes.

Famous logos and their meanings

The 3 stripes together form the triangle which symbolizes the mountain.

This mountain represents the challenges that sportsmen how to overcome daily.

6) Toyota

meaning of Toyota logo-:

Toyota logo represents a stylized image of thread passing through a needle. This is a hint at the company’s past as they used to produce weaving machines

However the individual parts of the logo also represents the word TOYOTA

Famous logos and their meanings

7) Pinterest

meaning of Pinterest logo-:

On Pinterest people share and collect images and pin them to their online boards, that’s why the image of the pin is hidden in Pinterest.

Famous logos and their meanings

8) LG

meaning of LG logo-:

Famous logos and their meanings

The logo of LG containing the letters ‘L’ and ‘G’ in a circle represents the smiling human face. In the logo ‘L’ represents the Nose, ‘G’ represents the face and according to the company’s philosophy, they want their customers satisfied with their service.


I hope you all understood the hidden significance behind the logos of big companies and brands.

Thanks for reading.

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