Solutions: TikTok Creator Fund Technical error

The TikTok Creator Fund has provided a unique opportunity for content creators to monetize their efforts and gain recognition on the popular social media platform. However, technical errors can sometimes hinder the application process, leading to frustrations and uncertainties for aspiring creators.

The TikTok Creator Fund has been instrumental in empowering creators by offering financial incentives for their engaging and creative content. It provides an avenue for content creators to earn income and further their careers on the platform. However, technical errors can disrupt this process and prevent deserving creators from accessing the benefits of the fund.

This article aims to shed light on the TikTok Creator Fund technical error issue where it says “your application could not be reviewed due to a technical error tiktok”, offering insights into possible causes and providing guidance on resolving application problems. Additionally, we will explore alternative avenues for creators to pursue monetization and growth on TikTok.

Solutions: TikTok creator Fund Technical error

If you encounter a technical error while applying to the TikTok Creator Fund, here are some steps to address the problem:

1. Double-Check Application Requirements

Review the eligibility criteria and ensure that you have fulfilled all the necessary requirements. Make sure your application is complete and contains accurate information. If there is any profile related and tax related information please cross check that, as most people find problems in filling form.

2. Activation period

There is a period when you start TikTok account and actually be able to create and verify Creator Fund which is only available for accounts that have existed for 30+ days.

3. Income tab/ option not available

If there is no option for the income tab, this indicates that this error message displays when the W9 form and potentially other clerical information is still being processed by TikTok in order to join the fund.

So if you have filled form correct wait till they verify your information.

4. Update TikTok App

Ensure that you are using the latest version of the TikTok app, as outdated versions may have compatibility issues. Update your app through your device’s app store to avoid any technical conflicts.

You can to refill application after you have latest version of TikTok app.

5. Retry Application Submission

If the error persists, try submitting your application again after some time. The technical error may have been temporary, and the issue could resolve itself.

6. Contact TikTok Support

Reach out to TikTok’s support team through their official channels, such as email or online support forms. Provide them with a detailed description of the error and any relevant screenshots or error codes you may have encountered.


Technical errors within the TikTok Creator Fund application process can be frustrating, but they shouldn’t deter creators from pursuing monetization opportunities on the platform. By following the suggested steps to resolve the issue and exploring alternative monetization options, creators can continue their fund.

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